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You need software but it's too expensive? This isn't problem! Quality of gratis software (Freeware and Open Source) often is the same as paid software. Here is directory of Freeware.

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Atlantis Nova 1
A word processor designed with the end-user in mind. Compact, fast-loading, but still powerful and efficient.
Producer / download / (761 KB) / Freeware

PitPad 3.2
A text editor that is so easy to use as Notepad and so powerful as programmers, webmasters editors.
Producer / download / (547 KB) / Freeware for non-commercial use

CopyWriter 3.03
Simple TXT and RTF files editor.
Producer / download / (675 KB) / Freeware

Notepad2 2.0.18
The original Notepad shipped with Windows is probably the handiest program of all times, small, fast, without frills! Notepad2 tries to follow this principle, it's a small, fast and free text editor with syntax highlighting for HTML and other common languages.
Producer / download / (243 KB) / GPL

SciTE 1.71
A SCIntilla based Text Editor. Originally built to demonstrate Scintilla, it has grown to be a generally useful editor with facilities for building and running programs. It is best used for jobs with simple configurations - I use it for building test and demonstration programs as well as SciTE and Scintilla, themselves.
Producer / download (1,5 MB) / Open Source

ConTEXT 0.98.5
A small, fast and powerful freeware text editor, developed mainly to serve as secondary tool for software developers. Features: unlimited open files; unlimited editing file size, 4kB line length; syntax highlighting for: C/C++, Delphi/Pascal, Java, Java Script, Visual Basic, Perl/CGI, HTML, CSS, SQL, FoxPro, 80x86 assembler, Python, PHP, Tcl/Tk, XML, Fortran, Foxpro, InnoSetup scripts, custom defined syntax highlighter. Multilanguage support. Unicode UTF8 support.
Producer / download / (1,7 MB) / Freeware

AkelPad 3.5.3
An open source editor for plain text. It is designed to be a small and fast and supports plugins. Single window mode (SDI), multi window mode (MDI). Support of Unicode. Multi-level undo.
Producer / download / (176 KB) / Open Source

CSView has everything you need in a CSV file viewer. It mays save the display as a HTML file or a BMP bitmap image.
Producer / download / (37 KB) / Freeware

Angel Writer
A free text editor allowing you to create impressive documents that contain formatted text, graphics and tables. It supports TXT, HTML and RTF formats (but not supports DOC).
Producer / download (1,7 MB) / Freeware - Donationware

xint v3.1
An open source alternative text editor with syntax highlighting, twofish encryption and many other unique features.
Producer / download (936 KB) / Freeware

Enotas 2.3
A simple, practical and functional free text editor, similar to the Notepad of MS Windows but with added improvements. Some features: multiple archives can be opened; no size limit; build-in calendar.
Producer / download (568 KB) / Freeware



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