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You need software but it's too expensive? This isn't problem! Quality of gratis software (Freeware and Open Source) often is the same as paid software. Here is directory of Freeware.

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Glest 3.2.1
A free 3D real time strategy game, available for several operative systems and that can be modified using XML and a set of tools.
Producer / download / (53,3 MB) / GPL

Strategus 2.1 (FreeCraft)
A free cross-platform real-time strategy gaming engine. It includes support for playing over the internet/LAN, or playing a computer opponent.
Producer / download / (928 KB) / GPL

TA Spring 0.73b
A project aiming to create a new RTS in the spirit of the game Total Annihilation from 1997. Game has a full 3D graphic.
Producer / download / (29,8 MB) / GPL

Castle Defender
A RTS (Real Time Strategy) game created using DarkBASIC Pro, the objective is to fortify your castle from enemy waves, Enemy waves will start off with just mere log`s on wheels, however over the waves you will get attacked by catapults, cannons, tanks, planes and so on.
Producer / download / (7,3 MB) / Freeware

Star Wars Fleet Commander - Clone Wars
You defend your base against the enemy forces. Send in Jedis or clonetroopers to support you. Stay alive as long as possible.
Producer / Download from: link / (9,6 MB) / Freeware

Globulation 2
A real-time strategy game which minimizes micro-management by automatically assigning tasks to units. The player chooses the number of units he wants to assign to various tasks, and the units will do their best to satisfy the requests.
Producer / download / (13,5 MB) / GPL

Netrek XP 2006
A real-time space battle simulation with a Star Trek theme. Netrek costs no money to play, and is open-source. There is a galaxy with four races in it: the Federation, the Klingons, the Romulans, and the Orions. The game is divided into two teams of 8 (or less). Each players gets a starship to fly. Players dogfight each other and attempt to conquer each other's planets. There are several different types of ships, from fast, fragile scouts up to big, slow battleships and starbases; this allows a great deal of variance in play styles.
Producer / download / (8,2 MB) / Open Source

Invasion - Battle of Surviva (Bos Wars) 2.3
A real-time strategy game using the Stratagus 2.1 (FreeCraft) game engine. Action is in future.
Producer / download / (44,1 MB) / GPL

Warzone 2100 2.1.2
One of the first 3D RTS / RTT tactics games ever. Single- and multi-player mode.
Producer / download / (42 MB) / GPL



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