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You need software but it's too expensive? This isn't problem! Quality of gratis software (Freeware and Open Source) often is the same as paid software. Here is directory of Freeware.

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This is directory of desktop Java free software (usually not for cell-phone). This software require Java Virtual Machine. You can download it here (for different OS - not only Windows).

FreeTTS 1.2.1
FreeTTS is a speech synthesis engine written entirely in the Java programming language. FreeTTS was written by the Sun Microsystems Laboratories Speech Team and is based on CMU's Flite (Festival Speech Synthesis System) engine. The voice quality is good.
Producer / download / (12,6 MB) / BSD

JTransliterator 0.1.1-1
A simple Java application that allows to transliterate Arabic script to English (ASCII) text. Transliteration or Romanization is especially useful when dealing with geographic names as they cannot be translated.
Producer / download / GPL

UnicodeConverter 1.3
A conversion utility. Convert text, RTF, HTML, and Word/Excel documents in Vietnamese legacy formats (VNI, VISCII, VPS, TCVN3, or VIQR), NCR (windows-1252, iso-8859-1), and Unicode Composite (NFD) to Unicode Precomposed (NFC) format.
Producer / download / (143 KB) / GPL

JOrtho 0.2 (Java Orthography)
A Java spell-checking library. Its dictionaries are based on the free Wiktionary project and can therefore be updated by virtually any language. The library works with any JTextComponent from the Swing frame work. This includes JTextPane, JEditorPane and JTextArea. Some features: highlight the potentially wrongly spelled word and offer a context menu with suggestions for a correct form of the word. More-over it detects capitalization errors. Requires VM Java 5 or higher.
Producer / download (158 KB) + english dictionary 2007.12. (385 KB) + german dictionary 2007.12. (370 KB) / GPL

OmegaT 1.0.2
A free translation memory application written in Java. It is a tool intended for professional translators. It does not translate for you! Document file formats: plain text, HTML, OpenOffice.org/StarOffice (the latter has excellent conversion filters for MS Word, Excel, RTF). Unicode (UTF-8) support: can be used with non-Latin alphabets.
Producer / download / (237 KB) / GPL

Songsheet Generator
A program for easily printing and displaying song sheets.
Producer / download / (276 KB) / GPL

Endlos 1.1.0
Platform independend, multithreaded fractal generator. Fine control over thread / CPU usage. It supports color map files (over 1600 available!). Supports many image file formats (PNG, JPG, BMP and more). You can save and load your fractal settings in XML file. Requires Java VM 1.5 or newer.
Producer / download / (246 KB) / GPL


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