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You need software but it's too expensive? This isn't problem! Quality of gratis software (Freeware and Open Source) often is the same as paid software. Here is directory of Freeware.

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This is directory of desktop Java free software (usually not for cell-phone). This software require Java Virtual Machine. You can download it here (for different OS - not only Windows).

XPontus 1.0.0 RC1
A free Java based XML editor designed towards text editing. It aims to provide a free alternative to commercial XML Editors. Features: XML Validation, schema validation, syntax highlighting, multiple XSLT processors, XSL transformations, code indentation, open remote files, multiple installers, multiligual support and most text editing functions.
Producer / download / (16,9 MB) / GPL

JAlbum 7.4
You need webgallery for your site? This software makes web albums of your digital images. JAlbum has 17 languages-versions.
Producer / download / (10,4 MB) / Freeware


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