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You need software but it's too expensive? This isn't problem! Quality of gratis software (Freeware and Open Source) often is the same as paid software. Here is directory of Freeware.

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Cube 2005_08_29
Free single and multi player 1st person shooter game with some satisfying fast oldskool gameplay. A large variety of gameplay modes from classic SP to fast 1 on 1 MP and objective based teamplay, with a great variety of original maps to play on.
Producer / download / (32,3 MB) / Open Source

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory 2.60 Full (for Mac)
A free First Person Shooter (FPS) computer game, and a standalone sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein.
Producer / Download / (258 MB) / Freeware

Nexuiz 2.4
A fast 3D deathmatch game project based on the Quake 1 engine.
Producer / download / (362,8 MB) / Open Source

Loose Cannon 0.5.0
A single player third person (TPP) action adventure game with 3D graphics and sound. Additional it has campaign and level editor. Anytime you can use a save option. It uses OpenGL.
Producer / download / (5,8 MB) / GNU GPL

The Castle 0.8.1
A First Person Shooter (FPS) style game based on OpenGL. It's in a dark fantasy setting. Your main weapon is a sword, so the fight is mostly short-range. Three main levels included, packed with creatures, items and sounds. Also a bonus level, from a well-known 3D game, will be available to you from "New Game" menu once you finish the main game (you can also switch to this level from the debug menu, if you're impatient).
Producer / download / (40,6 MB) / Free

Hexen II: Hammer of Thyrion 1.4.3
This project is a multi-system (Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, Windows, DOS, QNX, MorphOS, PalmOS and GP2X) source of Raven's Hexen II port effort. Graphic in game work with OpenGL engine. It works with both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms.
Producer / download / (8,7 MB) / GNU GPL

World of Padman
A multiplayer (only) non-typical action FPS game based on Quake 3 engine (formerly it was only mod for Q3). You can play via local area network or via Internet. Recommends hardware: 2 GHz and 1 GB RAM.
Producer / download / (549,1 MB) / Free



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